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The One Thing

Okay, it’s a little ironic that this blog is ALL THE THINGS, and I’m talking about the one thing, but I am.

I recently moved into a new house. Lots of change, and I love change so much because it allows me to see my life from a new perspective. It makes me an observer of my life again, starting fresh, evaluating the purpose of everything that makes its way into my world. My Virgo self loves this.

I’ve been settled in for about six weeks, and this last week I found myself wondering, “what’s the one thing that could make this easier?” And “this” is really anything... a task feels a little too hard, a situation that is repeatedly too frustrating...anything, really, that creates that tiny bit of resistance inside of me.

So, for example, I often have my 4 month old in my arms, and if not him, then my 2yr old daughter. What can I say, my babies like to be held! Anyway, because we do healthy eats, I am constantly cutting fruits and veggies. My cutting boards are in a bottom drawer because that’s the only place they’ll fit, but they often feel impossible to access while holding a child. Not only that, my cutting boards never feel large enough either. So, I have small cutting boards in a bottom drawer that I can’t reach multiple times a day, and it’s really annoying!

So I asked myself, what’s the one thing that could make this easier? And I realized there is a very simple solution: a giant countertop cutting board. One that is thick and sturdy and beautiful. That lives on my counter. That makes me happy every time I see it. Bingo. (And yes I know about pre-cut fruit, but it just doesn’t taste the same or last as long, and it produces extra waste, so it’s a no-go.)

And there was my one thing. I bargain shopped and found a great deal at HomeGoods, and now, my daily flow is easier. Because I asked myself one question: what’s the one thing that could make this easier?

What’s the one thing that could make getting out the door in the morning easier?

What’s the one thing that could make my marriage easier?

What’s the one thing that could make moving my body regularly easier?

What’s the one thing?

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