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Simple changes

A while back I wanted to make some changes (improve food choices and move more), and I wanted to report back on what has worked in case it helps you:

1. I buy a few containers of Trader Joe’s mirepox mix (chopped celery, carrots and onions). It’s made the impossible task of food prep while holding a baby possible.

Which leads to #2...

2. I now use my instant pot to make a vegetable-based soup every few days. I combine a random assortment of fresh or frozen veggies (or both) with some vegetable broth. Sometimes I add chicken or beans or grains, then throw in fresh herbs at the end...or not! But it’s so easy, can be done quickly (or in a crock pot), and it provides me tons of nutrients that I can eat for breakfast or lunch.

Also, please note—I stopped worrying if anyone would eat it! I make it for ME. I noticed I had started ruling out so many amazing foods because people in my family wouldn’t eat them. Well, screw that. I need them. I still offer these delicious soups and foods to others. But I don’t get attached to whether or not they will eat them, and I will no longer deprive myself to accommodate others. (You can also add curries and chili to that group, too.)

3. Movement. I am now making a conscious choice to move more with my kids in the house, at the playground, in the yard. Anywhere. It adds up. And I also just realized I could add YouTube to Roku.

Three words: The. Fitness. Marshall.

Holy Britney Spears and Rihanna dance party. The videos are fun and short, so I can do a few, then help my crazy kid crew, then do another, etc. They look nothing like my athlete workouts, but they get me moving more than I was. It’s a start.

Okay, now keep cheering me on. Just a lifetime to go of doing all of this 😜😜

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