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ALL. THE. THINGS, revealed

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

i started this blog because i had a meltdown today.

my friend asked why.

here was our convo (i'm in green):

and i decided that sounded like a good reason to start a blog. i'm also 37 weeks pregnant with my third, and i like to do things that make no logical sense sometimes. so welcome, my friends, here we are.

i know i am not alone. and i want to talk about it. because it seems like a lot of times my friends and i are handling ALL. THE. THINGS., and it's too much, and we explode (or sometimes more accuately, implode), because we are the glue that hold it all together, and then we feel crazy or suffer from the guilt. so let's not do that. or at least bond through it as we do.

and also, if you've been a follower of my life (aka one of my lone friends), you know i've started a bunch of blogs, then discontinued them immediately. and it's because i want to write about ALL. THE. THINGS., not just the one thing you're "supposed" to pick as a blogger. and also because i'm a recovering perfectionist, and who has time to write perfect blogs when they already have life happening? i don't. so i'm giving up the perfect blog.

i'm heading into my 40th year of life this august, i don't give a damn. and i love that. so i'm going to run with it and write about all that pleases me. probably in short stories. sometimes long ones. sometimes the photos will be awesome and lots of times they won't be because i'm doing ALL. THE. THINGS. i hope this all pleases you on some level, too. but maybe not. and that's okay, too. but i will carry on and be pleased with or without you, and i'm praying the world will be a better place because of it.

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