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animal killer

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

you guys, i'm so sad.

i had a doggy, noodle, since she was 6, and i had to put her down a few days ago. she was 17yrs old and clearly not doing well. it was one of the hardest things i've ever had to do. she was super sweet and became an old cute grouchy lady dog. but she grew very ill, was deaf, blind in 1.5 eyes, couldn't eat or control her bowels or urine. so so sad. anyway, she passed away on friday in my arms. it was heartbreaking.

fast forward two days, and my 17yr old cat, also not in great health, starts having a major episode. she already had a stroke a month ago. last night she was vomiting and diarrheaing (that's a word, right?) all over the place, and had urinary incontenance, too. lethargic. my goodness. this is not good.

i love my pets so much, i've had a long life with them, but i am starting to feel like an animal killer...just the kind who keeps animals alive for 17yrs first. is that a thing? 2 gravely ill animals in one week, no!

please send hugs and love to my furbabies. and if you have ever had to put one down, how did you know it was time? drop your story below. tell me about your little fuzzer that you loved, too.

Noodle and Lolacat

update: i had to put my lolacat down the next day. it was so sad. i still hear her fantom meows, her sprints around our apartment after pooped, and anything on the ground that is black--i'm sure it's her. my littlest girl, monroe (20 months), is starting to join words together, and she put her first "sentence" together that night. monroe was always obsessed with lola, and when she walked out the door to the park, i said, "girls, say goodbye to lola."

monroe gave me a big dimply grin and proudly said, "bye, lola."

gah. so bittersweet. her first sentence. the innocence. the unknowing. i cried like a baby. i'm crying again. the sweetest and saddest words i've heard in years.

and with that, i say one more time what i chanted to you as you crossed over the rainbow bridge: i love you. you did a good job. thank you. i love you. you did a good job. thank you.

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